lowbacklogoLow Back Syndromes: Integrated Clinical Management

Craig E. Morris, D.C., DACRB, FAFICC, CSCS

Written by an interdisciplinary team, Low Back Syndromes is the first truly comprehensive multidisciplinary text for low back conditions. Because today’s patients expect their clinicians to possess an in-depth understanding of available treatments, this text covers the broad spectrum of clinical options currently available. Morris is Chair, Manipulation and Manual Medicine Committee of the American Back Society.

From chiropractic to osteopathy, from medicine to physical therapy, from occupational medicine to evidence based health care, from psychology to surgery, from pain medicine to manipulation, from post-surgical rehabilitation to end-stage training of elite athletes, this is the first textbook to bring all the specialists together to allow clinicians direct access to state-of-the art standards of practice from a single source. Featuring internationally acclaimed contributors from a variety of specialties, this text is a practical guide for mastery of both traditional and newer techniques.

Part 1 – Overview: The Clinical Evolution of the Low Back and Its Syndromes

  • Functional Anatomy of the Low Back Low Back Biomechanics
  • Epidemiology of Low Back Disorders
  • Functional Stability of the Low Back

Part 2 – Low back syndromes: The Disc & Its Syndromes

  • The Stenotic Syndromes
  • The Posterior Joints: Zygaphophysial & Sacroiliac Joints
  • Myofascial Low Back Pain Syndromes
  • “Red Flags” & Conditions Requiring Outside Referral or Co-Management

Part 3 – Assessment of the low back: History & Physical Examination

  • Functional Assessment for Low Back Syndromes
  • Diagnos tic Testing: Discography, Diagnostic Blocks, Laboratory Testing
  • Diagnostic Testing: Electro Diagnostics

Part 4 – Conservative techniques for low back syndromes: Manipulation Techniques For Low Back Syndromes

  • Biomechanical Effects of Spinal Manipulation
  • McKenzie Treatment Protocols for Low Back Syndromes Mobilization & Myofascial Lengthening Techniques
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures for the Treatment of Low Back Syndromes

Part 5 –Rehabilitation of the low back: Rehabilitation Strategies for Low Back Syndromes

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Protocols
  • Sensorimot or Training & Functional Stabilization
  • Management of Athletic Low Back Injuries

Part 6 -Clinical management: Evidence-based Treatment for Low Back Pain

  • Clinical Decision Making: When to Recommend Back Surgery
  • Psychological Screening for Low Back Surgeries
  • Management of Occupational Low Back Injuries
  • Clinical Management of Chronic, Disabling Low Back Syndromes

Forewords by Professor William Kirkaldy-WIllis, Dr. Reed Phillips,and Diane Lee, physiotherapist. Authors include: Bogduk, Breen, Cassidy, Chaitow, Chapman-Smith, Colledge, Delamarter, DeLitto, Donelson, Faye, Greenman, Grod, Grunnet-Nilsson, Herzog, Hodges, Hooper, Hurwitz, Janda, Letz, Kowalski, McKenzie, Mooney, Murphy, Ross, Schneider, Shekelle, Skogsbergh, Swenson, and Walker.

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