Preparing For Your Visit

Please plan approximately 60-90 minutes for your initial visit to the F.I.R.S.T. Health clinic. There are essentially 6 components to the visit.

1. Registration

In order to save some time in the office, you may want print and fill out all of our registration forms before your appointment. Click here for a list for our downloadable registration forms.

A. Please select appropriately from the available packets depending on your insurance situation.
B. There also special outcomes forms for you to complete and they are named according to the specific body region/condition for which they are designed (example: Use the Oswestry Low Back Disability form for patients with low back problems). Please choose those that you believe are appropriate for you and complete those questionnaires.

2. History

After you complete the initial registration process, we will begin to discuss your health concerns and past history.

3. Physical Examination

Will be completed, which has two primary components:
1. Neurological and orthopedic examinations to determine a clinical diagnosis and.
2. Assessment of your posture, muscle function, flexibility, movement and joint function.

4. Treatment Planning

The details of your diagnosis will be presented and discussed.

5. Treatment

Treatments in our office may include stretches, exercises, therapy modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, TENS, ultrasound, cold laser, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, Rapid Release Technology, kinesiology taping), manual soft tissue relaxation techniques, joint (spine and extremities) manipulation/adjustments, postural training and customized exercises. For complex pediatric, neurological cases, those who are interested in more comprehensive functional stabilization, and also management of elite athletes, Dr. Morris provides Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). DNS is a complex rehabilitation approach designed by Professor Pavel Kolar of the Charles University Medical Faculty Rehabilitation Department, Prague Czech Republic. DNS is an internationally renowned complex rehabilitation method and Dr. Morris is an international instructor who has taught DNS globally for many years.

6. Home Instructions/exercises

Most patients are provided with personally customized home exercises and instructions designed to assist with their recovery.